Due to RETAR are available on online stores would like to thank you.

This time a new type of corona virus on World tremendous damage and
Even a little of our life to contribute, and I think it would be nice to be able to in 2020, 5 November 6 in the spring sale we will.

Anti-pop solution ingredients for whitening cosmetics.

Anti-pop solution and"The anti - (avoid)"+"Point solutions(pollution)"
OneAir pollution could protect the skin fromIn.

Climate change and air pollution in Japan so it will be interesting to see how often
Skin aging the cause of 8% of ultraviolet rays, and the remaining 2% of air pollution is said to be.

RETAR BRIGHT SNOW SERIES is plenty of whitening ingredients, of course
Skin adhering to the air pollution, wash the block component to be included.

There are 3

① Moisturizing・whitening ingredients of the cleansing air pollution in wash. Wash our.

② Makeup on skin with plenty of moisturizing from UV rays and air pollution protects the skin from which

③ Gel is it. Just about comfortable to use of the gel in ultraviolet light or air pollution and blocks

And get the 3 Step set is also available.


Come and get this opportunity to try it.